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Hey! I'm Gabriel Duarte. Your friendly neighborhood developer.

I'm a Javascript developer born in Brazil, graduated in Information Systems and now currently living in Hamburg, Germany.

I'm a very positive person, always looking out for a light and flexible environment, good conversations, and good music. On my free time, I like to play guitar, watch TV shows and movies, play some games and, of course, to code. Be sure to check my repositories on GitHub. Maybe you will find something of your liking 😜.

I normally do things with react, node, typescript, prettier, eslint, react-testing-library, jest, electron, and basically, any other technology that simplifies the development workflow, or that adds value to the user experience.

One of the traits I think that defines me the most, is curiosity. Because of it, I'm always looking for new things, pushing myself further, learning about new technologies, and looking for ways to do the things I already do, but in a better way.

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